Turnkey solutions For Blow Moulding

We can also offer you the complete turnkey project for manufacturing Blow Molded applications. We have the total technical know-how & relevant industrial experience in the field of machine desing, manufacturing, supply of auxilary equipment & moulds.

A median from scratch to success in Blow Moulding VENTURE...

Screw Type Air Compressors

Air Compressors are used of generating compressed air from air medium with very less power consumption and supplying to the Blowing Unit of the Blow Moulding Machine.

Hopper Loader

Hopper Loaders are used to suck the Raw Material from your container to the machine hopper automatically as per signal from the sensor mounted on the Hopper Loader.

Volumetric Dozer

Volumetric Dozers are used to doze material precisely in small amounts which eventually gets mixed with the main raw material before getting into the screw barrel. These are mounted online on the machine hopper.

Colour Mixer

Colour mixers are mainly used for mixing colours or pigments with main material to get the perfect blend.

Plastic Scrap Grinder

Plastic Scrap Grinders are used to grind or crush the flashes that comes out with the product after cutting out manually or automatically. These grinded material are refeeded to the hopper with the help of hopper loader and dozed with the help of volumetric dozer to the main hopper.

Water Chiller

Water Chiller are used to supply chilled water to the mould . Once the water gets heated up in the mould and returns to the chiller, it again gets chilled with the help of Refrigerant gases duly filled in the refrigeration circuit of the chillers.

Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Supplies cool water to the machine at different parts for uninterrupted machine operation and lesser maintenance.

Through IML Robot

In mould labelling is a special technology which is used to make the label completely moulded with the container and becomes permanent.

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Injection Moulding Machine

Injection Moulding Machines are required for moulding the caps and plugs of the Jerry Cans or containers required for a complete Blow Moulding project to flourish.

Blow Moulds

Blow Moulds are an integral part of the Blow Moulding Project . You can produce different types of containers of different designs from the same machine with the help of different moulds. For a single design, you need one mould.

Injection Moulds

Injection Moulds are required for producing different types of caps and plugs from the same Injection Moulding Machine.

Leak Testing Machine

Leak Testing Machines are used to detect the rejected leak products produced from the machine if ever and help us to keep them separate from the lot.

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belts are used to convey or transfer flashes or containers produced from the machine from one place to another place and help us in automization of the whole project.