Auto Deflashing Series Type Automatic
Blow Moulding Machine

Ranging from : 200ML - 5LTRS

  • Dome Type / Knock Out Type Auto-Deflashing Series depending upon the application for Top, Side and Bottom Flash
  • Option of Close Loop right from Blow Moulding Process-Deflashing- Conveyors-LeakTest-Grinder-Mixer-Volumetric Doser-Loader- for smooth flow of production with better efficiency and lesser stoppage downtime.
  • Option of Turn-Key solution including mold and ancillaries
  • Toggle Type- Clamping Unit
  • Hot sealing Unit
  • Water Cooled blowpin
  • Single Station
  • Double Station
  • Multi Head
  • View Strip
  • Inmold Labeling - IML



Our Euro Series Of Machine Have Been Design To Achieve Faster Dry Cycle Time with Rexroth proportional valve

Tie-Bar Less Lever Lock Toggle Type- Clamping Unit

Provision for Hot cutting or Hot sealing

Water Cooled blowpin with hot air out system

Compact Footprint

Beckhoff make 200 point parison programmer with cohesive TMC for full machine control.
User friendly software and a Work Horse Machine to run 24/7

Moog make parsion valve